Local Bites – Sornthong Pochana -Seafood restaurant, Bangkok

Local Bites – Sornthong Pochana -Seafood restaurant, Bangkok

Since our last excursion in Bangkok’s infamous Chinatown, we were seriously craving some well cooked, fresh seafood (and of course not ridiculously expensive!). The Sornthong Pochana restaurant located on Rama 4 focuses on serving its customers only the best seafood recipes. How can we be sure of this? Well, the moment you catch yourself licking your fingers or chopsticks to get any leftover flavor, you know they’ve nailed their recipes. Keep in mind, it’s good to book in advance to avoid a long wait time. Lucky for us, our friend Hui is a regular customer and arranged everything for a delicious evening!

In any seafood restaurant is always best to start with the irresistible moo satay, meaning pork marinated and grilled on charcoal fire. Asian cuisine is notorious for mixing seafood and meat. The moo satay is traditionally served with peanut sauce making it very juicy and aromatic. Hands down, one of the best I have ever tried!

Moo Satay


Before the seafood arrived, we tried the stir fried chayote. Chayote is a plant that belongs in the same family as melons, cucumbers and squash. In Thai its known as fak maeo, meaning ‘miao melon’. Thais love to incorporate young roots and greens of chayote in their stir fry or soups.

Fak maeo


If you would like to try oysters in Thailand, make sure you do it safely! I love oysters, but I wouldn’t try them just anywhere. Your best bet is restaurant recommended by a local as they know all the good spots. The best is when they serve fried oysters with an omelet or suan krata ron on a sizzling hot plate.

Sizzling hot plate with oyster omelette.

In the meantime, the hot pot was placed in the middle of the table. Inside, a broth made of Chinese herbs was boiling slowly waiting for the fish to be dipped in. The fish fillet was pretty much drunk – as a friend best described it. First, the fillet of grouper fish is marinated in Chinese whisky before taking its hot bath into the herbs and vegetables. What may surprise some people is the use of goji berry (or wolfberry) into the herbal broth. Compared to the Western cuisine where this superfood has become popular lately, goji berries have been used in Chinese cuisine for thousand of years! The mixture of flavors in the hot pot was well balanced. After a while, I lost count of how many bowls of soups I had.

Fish and vegetables for the hot pot.

The drunk fish!
The hot pot



Last but not least, if you visit Thailand, don’t forget to try the crab curry. The sauce was incredible and the crab was big, meaty and juicy-just the way I like it. However, there was a ‘dispute’ of how to eat this. As a true Greek, who eats hundreds of crabs during the summer months in Greece, I took it with my hands and went for it…eating both the shell and meat (sounds quite primitive to you?). On the other hand, Vivian representing the Korean culture, ate her crab with chopsticks. I must admit that this method is less messy and more stylish. Check out Vivian devouring the crab so neatly.

Please teach me!!
A must-try dish at this restaurant. I wish we had ordered more.

And now the best for last.. dessert! We had the sweet taro paste with Chinese dates, ginko nut, sticky rice all swimming in coconut cream. Not too sweet, but exactly the right portion to complete this wonderful meal.


The final act of this night was to pay the bill…..we couldn’t believe in our eyes. For the quality and the quantity of the food, we paid only 2.210baht (54euros or 43GBP).


This restaurant definitely goes on my list when I have guests. Last but not least, you can bring your own bottle of wine, as the restaurant does not charge any corkage fee.

the group

One great night with the girls! If you want to find more information about this place, check out their Facebook page

Until next time…

Kisses from Bangkok


P.S. I would like to thank my good friend and designer Georgia for proofreading this post. Georgia is a blogger too. Find more about her on instagram

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