Local Bites – Hong Bao Restaurant soi 39

Local Bites – Hong Bao Restaurant soi 39

I was craving an evening of relaxing at home, eating street food while cuddled on the couch watching the latest episode of Person of Interest. As I’m heading to my favorite Japanese restaurant to pick up some dinner, my plans change when I spot a big sign stating “Best Dim Sum.” Located on Sukhumvit Soi 39, Hong Bao truly was some of the best Chinese food we’ve had. And the best part is the convenient location..only few blocks away from our house!


I’ve been a fan of Chinese food ever since my studies in Thessaloniki, Greece. When I eventually moved to the UK a few years later, I was enjoying the cuisine almost every week, my favourite being Chinese noodles, sweet and sour chicken and chicken soup. Now that I live in Asia, I realize that the Western Chinese food is a category all on its own. My recent travels to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore have influenced my tastes and approach towards Chinese food.

Waiting for our meal


Authentic Chinese restaurants in Asia, as opposed to tourists ones, have a very distinctive layout and décor. The large dining spaces are filled with bright colours on the walls and big round tables with lazy susan on the top. To top the final look, classic chandeliers and traditional Chinese art work are displayed everywhere. These restaurants are the best place for Chinese families to gather around share a big meal and catch up on their news, hence why Hong Bao is usually booked on the weekends. Its always best to make a reservation beforehand.

Breakfast time in Hong Kong! I love the family oriented time 🙂

 As for the meal, we weren’t very hungry and ordered only 2 dishes that came with a sweet surprise at the end. The first dish was Chicken soup with Shrimp dumplings. We ordered the medium size which was very filling and more than enough for 2 people. The spring onion on the top adds a refreshing taste. Luckily, I managed to take some photos of this dish before it disappeared in seconds.

The Chicken soup with prawn dumplings…and here the only photograph I managed to take…So delicious…


The second dish was a selection of 3 different dumplings: shrimp, crab and Hing Bao pork and shrimp dumpling in a yellow soup. It was a beautifully presented (even though the broccoli in the middle quite unnecessary).

The selection of dumplings

With our upcoming holidays in Greece fast approaching, we are trying to watch what we eat and avoid sugar (because we are planning to eat a lot of mum’s Greek sweet treats!). Although we didn’t order dessert, it was a pleasant surprise when we were offered jelly with some type of flowers and goji berry. I tried to communicate with the waitress about the jelly, but unfortunately she couldn’t explain in English what kind of dessert it was.

Surprisingly goji berry goes with everything…

In a nutshell, Hong Bao is a place we will definitely go back to and one we recommend. Next time we will make sure to have a larger appetite and try some more of their classic yet delicious dishes including dried abalone, pecking ducks, and lava buns.

Kisses from Bangkok,



A big thank you to lovely Georgia and her Midnight Train Studio for proofreading.

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