First Week in Aussie Land

First Week in Aussie Land

G’day my lovely friends!

When we decided to move to Sydney we had to consider many different factors. It was not an easy decision to leave the life we’ve grown to love and move another 7,532km away from our families in Greece (15,431km in total). We knew that we didn’t want to go back to Europe and were looking forward to welcoming a new adventure into our lives. Luckily, Australia chose us instead of us having choose and we were ready to embrace the change. A country that was never even a part of our plan has opened its door for us so let the journey begin!

Bye Bye Bangkok!!


Aftre 9 hours flight…Hello Sydney!! <3

The first week was surprisingly easy for us, compared to all the horror stories you hear about the difficulties of finding a house, opening a bank account, buying a car, making friends, or finding a job. To be honest, I haven’t found a job yet, but there are plenty of available job opportunities I’ve been after. I feel relieved to even be able to apply especially after dealing with the challenges of not having a work permit in Thailand. Luckily a 457 visa, gives me the right to work in Australia till 2020, which is very promising.


Living in a new continent (seriously?) surprises us each and every day. Here are the top 5 things that really impressed me during our first week in Australia.


1)Victoria Road

Property hunting can be exhausting, especially when you drive around Sydney just looking for the right neighborhood. We realised that each suburb (at least the ones we were driving around) has a Victoria Road –something similar to High Street in the UK (almost every town in the UK has a High Street). However, this specific Victoria Road is one of the longest ones that connects East to West (21km!)

© Google maps



I admit that I had an absolute ignorance towards Australia’s government. The only knowledge I had about Australia was limited to Oceania, immigration, kangaroos and koalas. Apologies…So, the moment I held an Australian coin, I realised there is a familiar face on it…should I say ’Long Live the Queen’?

The Queen Elizabeth…then and now…


3)Weather and Nature

Moving from a place with 80% humidity to another with 50% humidity, is an immediate difference. November in Sydney is like May in Greece. There is a warm ‘Mediterranean’ breeze, flowers are blooming, trees are beautiful with green and purple colours, and the supermarkets are filled with fresh harvest. The temperature is perfect…warm during the day and cool at the night…This climate change is a pleasant surprise for us. In addition, there are parks everywhere and limited skyscrapers (mostly in Sydney CBD). We went to visit the Royal National Park, a beautiful and massive park which was established in 1879 and named Royal after Queen Elizabeth.


dsc_0827 dsc_0836 royal royalsea


4)Cultural Food Hub

Sydney is one of the most diverse cities with so many different cultures and ethnicities. According to my Eyewitness Travel guide ‘Australia’, the first big wave of European immigrants started as far back as 1919! The story is familiar to most people. Many Greeks left Greece after the Second World and immigrated to Australia. Nowadays, this country is a beautiful melting pot of Greek, Italian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese flavours and scents. I am not sure if it’s from feeling homesick, but on our first day in Sydney we went on the hunt for a Greek pork souvlaki…


vietnamese thai japanese souvleki


5)Sydney Opera House

It opened in 1973 and it’s as impressive as you think. Typical tourists photo to follow….

Selfie time!

Huge kisses and love to Georgia from the Midnight Train to Georgia who proofread this post. <3


From Sydney with love




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  • Stella says:

    Καλά να περνάς εκεί down under! Ωραίες οι φωτογραφίες σου!
    Greetings from Greece!

    • says:

      Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Αν και λίγο μακρία είσαι ευπρόσδεκτη να έρθεις όποτε θέλεις. 🙂

  • Soulitsa says:

    I am very confident you made the best decision of your life.. Have fun in Australia and once you visit Melbourne I would like a photo of the house that housed my childhood games and dreams. Many kisses..

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