Exploring the Greek culture in Australia Part I

Exploring the Greek culture in Australia Part I

I am so fascinated with the Greek culture of Australia that I must break down my first impressions in two parts and share everything with you!! Stay tuned for more of my experiences   😀


Before moving to Australia, everyone back home was telling us how lucky we are to live this experience. Firstly, Australia (and Canada) is considered the Land of Milk and Honey especially with so many Greeks living here, it makes us feel right at home. Everywhere we go, whether a shop, bank or in public, we meet someone with Greek origins. 


Taken by Bourdo Photography 


About two weeks ago, a Greek Street Fair took place in Burwood. Between our busy schedule of furniture shopping and job searching , we found time to attend the street fair and see how Greeks celebrate in Sydney. Also, we were craving a souvlaki and were on the hunt for some delicious meat. We had so much fun! There were Greek dancing performances, from syrtaki and Syrto to OPA-cize™ (aerobics on traditional Greek dances!)! Surprisingly, I knew the man who played the Bouzouki. George Calopaidos was our real estate contact before moving to Sydney! What a small world…

When I came home from the Fair, I knew that I wanted to write more about the Burwood Greek Street Fair.  I contacted them and I spoke with Ms Christina Eftymiades. She told me that the Greek Street Fair under this name is only 5 years old, but there were plenty of Fairs before that time. The story starts in 1970 with the establishment of the Greek Orthodox Parish and Community of Burwood and District. Some insight on the Greek Culture is that it’s very common to celebrate the name day of Saints and we always organise a big Street Fair (Panigiria) next to the church. So, the Burwood Greek Street Fair takes place next to the church of St. Nektarios and attracts almost 3000 people!It is organised by The Greek Orthodox Parish and Community of Burwood and District.

A family-friendly event that offers a lot of dancing, music, gifts and of course so much food!! We couldn’t resist to loukoumades (Greek donuts) made by the Ladies of Philoptochos including the precious help of the Ladies of Parramatta and KogarahChurches. The star of the day was the Greek Way Souvlaki grilled on the charcoal which reminded us of celebrations during spring time in Greece……wait….it’s spring time now in Australia!! 


The best thing for a sunny day…Greek frappe
Souvlakia on the charcoal
These lovely ladies were making loukoumades for the whole day
Looks yummy!
Greek handmade crafts!
Bouzouki by George Calopaidos. Taken by Bourdo Photography 
More loukoumades
Do you want one bite?

Last but not least, this event wouldn’t happen without sponsorship (Delphi Bank, Eremea Home Care Services, Divinity Funerals, Burwood Council, Multicultural NSW and Club Burwood). As Ms Christina mentioned, this Fair is not the only financial support for the Church….they want to share the Greek cultural heritage with the local community. Its a great way of keeping the Greek spirit alive through all generations! 

The only thing I can say is, well done!! And a big shout out to all the volunteers who helped during this hot sunny day! You made us feel at home and we are looking forward to the next one. 

More information about the Burwood Greek Street Fair here

Love and kisses from sunny Sydney



PS. Don’t forget that my amazing friend Georgia proofreads all my posts. She is a talented designer and you can follow her here

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